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11 Things Cheaper Than A $1,250 headband (Photos)

Paris-based milliner Maison Michel has just come out with a glittery wool cat-ear headband…for $1,250. We compare what shoppers can buy instead, counting down from 11 to 1.

French designer Maison Michel has released a headband that costs a whopping $1,250. From 11 Nike Frees to 9 Olympic tickets, see what you could buy for the money instead.

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11 Would-Be Birthday Cakes for President Obama From Creative Cakes in Washington, D.C., at $90 Each

The president celebrated his 51st birthday just a few days ago. We don’t know what flavors the president fancies, but if he decided to go with a local cake, we think he’d choose one from Washington, D.C.’s premier custom cake company, Creative Cakes

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10 Pairs of Nike Free Runs at $125 Each

Perhaps getting a little athletic while wearing Nike’s hottest sneakers in highlighter hues of pink, blue, yellow, and green, may mean more to this shopper than wearing one glittery headband. 

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9 Tickets to Olympic Boxing at $134 Each

Nine tickets to a three-hour London Olympics boxing event with eight others comes as a trade-off for the glorious headband. Oh, and these are the best seats in the house.

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8 Kindle Readers at $148 Each

Are eight Kindles better than a cat-eared headband?

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7 Underwater Cameras at $160 Each

Brunette bombshell Kim Kardashian recently took a swim underwater and captured her special moment with an underwater camera.

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6 Bronx Zoo Family Premium Membership at $164 Each

The New York sightseer Suri Cruise and her mother, Katie Holmes, were recently spotted at the Bronx Zoo showing some love to a pair of giraffes. With a Bronx Zoo Family Premium Membership, that a whole lot more memories than one headband can create. 

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5 iPod Classics at $250 Each

IPods are getting smaller and smaller, but the classic iPod will always prevail. Shoppers can choose to jam to their favorite tunes or listen to interesting podcasts. Or they can wear their headband and listen to music another way.

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4 iHome Audio Systems at $299 Each

One in every room!

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3 A Round-Trip Flight From JFK to LAX, Plus One at $416 Each

Now, this is hard to compete with. A round trip, plus another. Unless a consumer really doesn’t love to travel, it’s hard not to choose this option. Hey, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, whaddya say? 

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2 Doggy Day Care Monthly Memberships at $500 Per Month

Board two dogs at one of the most expensive doggie day-care facilities, A Dog’s Life Day Care in Santa Monica

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1 Samsung LED-LCD Flat-Screen TV at $1,250

A headband vs. a state-of-the-art flat-screen TV. Decisions, decisions…