Cut It Out!

13 Trends to Leave Behind in 2013

The revival of Birkenstocks, layered skirt-over-pant look, and faux-couture logos all had their moment in 2013. But now it's time for them to go. May they rest in fashion peace.

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Faux Couture

For an industry that often takes itself too seriously, a little irreverence and tongue-in-cheek fashion wouldn’t kill anyone. But the ironic apparel that pokes fun at major brands such as Hermès, Céline, and Balenciaga, among others, should be a limited-edition fashion joke. Do your “Homies,” and “Féline” friends a favor, and knock it off with these not-so-funny-anymore knock-offs. Meow.


Leather Jogging Pants

If your name isn’t Yeezus—meaning you’re not a self-proclaimed rapper version of Jesus—it's time to retire the leather jogging pant look. These silly-looking, "chic"-meets-athletic, slouchy pants were declared “a thing” this year, spotted on celebs ranging from Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Selena Gomez to Justin Bieber, Jared Leto, and Drake. But we’re #ALLRESPECT, not #ALLDISRESPECTTOJIMMYKIMMEL on his verdict against the pants. We urge you to toss them in the bonfire along with your sheer Lululemon yoga pants

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Blush Pink Overcoats

We hate to break this news to you, but the year of looking like a special-edition, pink marshmallow is officially over. In other words, the blush coat trend should no longer tickle you pink. 

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Skirt Over Pants

For some people, it’s a skirt kind-of-day; for others, pants are the right call. Yet a third category of people (or aliens) opted for a hybrid in 2013: skirts over pants. This cringe-worthy mix must not be allowed to continue, or who knows what other catastrophic combos it will encourage. We’re starting a petition to end this fashion nightmare, once and for all.

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Overwhelming Cleavage

Though in recent years we have been told, “if you’ve got it, flaunt it,” it is sometimes best to turn back to the age-old adages that keep us grounded. The infallible “less is more” philosophy ought to be our go-to in 2014 following a year of far too much skin exposure.

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The Peplum

When it’s time to say goodbye to a trend that flatters our bodies, we take a moment to mourn the loss. The peplum, known for creating a slimming effect on most body types, is one sad fashion death. Although we once enjoyed it, we pray that the peplum, which has persisted through both 2012 and 2013, stay off the racks come the new year. Amen. 

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Crop Tops

This one is pure wishful thinking. Though the 90s called and asked to reclaim its iconic look back, Spring 2014 hung up real quick. The runways proved that cropped tops will be even bigger in this coming year, so, as Lucky magazine's editor-in-chief Eva Chen wrote after one show, “keep on crunching" those abs.


White Wide-Legged Pants

If the universal law of fashion says “no white after Labor Day,” our decree says no white wide-legged pants—ever.  Though we gave them some room in 2013, they will no longer be tolerated next year. 

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Overall, it’s pretty clear that in 2013, many tried the overall look and only few (a very small few) succeeded. To save us all from fashion regret, we’ll say ixnay on the overalls, ‘kay?

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Brand Logos

2013 may have been the year of the snake, but it was also the year of the logo. As living, breathing, walking advertisements of major brands this year, we deserve a break. Here's to making things more subtle.



Like cockroaches, Birkenstocks crawled back into our closets this year “with vengeance” and a slightly revamped look. While Giambattista Valli introduced a pair with gold accents, and Miu Miu’s were bejeweled, what people really took stock of was Céline’s fur-trimmed pair, aptly dubbed “furkenstocks.” The Furkenstock is the Frankenstein of shoes. Time to kill the beast.


Denim on Denim

Just like a pair of denim, this trend better fade. While the denim-on-denim look raged on during 2013, its time we go back to limiting ourselves to just one wash.  

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Oh how we wish this madness would end! The disturbing teeth trend was bigger than ever in 2013, embraced by such stars as Lady Gaga, Madonna, Beyoncé, and Katy Perry. We're clenching our teeth, hoping that 2014 will be the year when white and bright reemerges as the one-and-only acceptable tooth standard.