2012 Gift Guide: The Hipster Techie

From an umbrella that doubles as a lightsaber to an Instagram projector, presents for the design- and gadget-obsessed.

iClooly Phone Handset White, $36


Because even iPhone die-hards are afraid of radiation.

Projecto, $25


Turn your Instagrams into a party trick: use Projecto to project them onto walls for others to see. It’s funded through Kickstarter, due in February 2013.


Lazerwood Keyboard for Apple, $45


The Apple keyboard just got a little bit cooler—and will make you want to cover every surface in sleek wood.

Living in a Modern Way: California Design, $37.80


Well before Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive, the original masters of California design.

Blade Runner LED Umbrella, $24.49


An umbrella, a flashlight, and a walking rave—all in one.


My Phone Is Off for You Phonekerchief, $15


Let everyone know they've got your undivided attention with this cheeky pocket handkerchief.

Rek-O-Kut “Rondine” Turntable Photo, $600


A picture that’s as vintage as it is modern—and, as if that’s too good to be true, it’s available in two sizes.