Happy Turkey Day!

25 Things We’re Thankful For

What a year! From SCOTUS upholding gay marriage and San Francisco turning into Gotham to the birth of Prince George and cronuts, here are 25 things we’re celebrating this Thanksgiving.

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The Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marriage

For supporting the right to marry for all people and finally acknowledging that love is love.  

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Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’

For a thrilling new album that reinforces our unabiding love for croissants, as well as our lifelong stance against donning leather pants. 

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San Francisco

For organizing the coolest day ever for BatKid...and for restoring our faith in humanity. 

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Angelina Jolie

For going public with her preventive double mastectomy—and reassuring women everywhere that there is more to sexy than a perfect pair of knockers.  

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The Olinguito

For the adorable, squeezable, two-pound, previously unknown animal that has joined our mammalian brethren. It’s remarkable that nature still hides such wonderful, teddy-bear-shaped secrets. 

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Robyn Lawley

For making “thigh gap” enthusiasts look superficial and sad.

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Anthony Weiner, aka Carlos Danger

For not choosing a boring pseudonym when he decided it was a good idea to sext using an alias. And then for choosing to go bold on the campaign trail. 


Pope Francis

For being one of the most popular popes ever and the biggest hope for reform in the Catholic Church. And for being so cool and letting this little boy hang with him while making a speech in front of thousands at the Vatican.


Wendy Davis

For making filibustering cool before Ted Cruz, and for wearing awesome pink sneakers while doing it. 


The Miraculous Rescue in Cleveland

For proving hope and faith can triumph even in the face of true horror

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Marc Jacobs

For leaving Louis Vuitton with a bang after 16 years at the helm.




The Great Cronut Craze

For Dominique Ansel’s holy doughnut-meets-croissant pastries that are so heavenly and sinful that they’re worth the absurd, early morning wait. 


Iceland’s Incest Prevention App

For the country that’s so small and with such confusing surnames that residents have to bump their phones to prevent bumping their cousin in bed.  

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Vince Gilligan

For resurrecting Badfinger’s lovely “Baby Blue”—oh, and for ending Breaking Bad right.  


Prince Georgie

For reigniting our love for the royals…and for being so darn cute.

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Jimmy Kimmel & Jimmy Fallon

For awesome viral videos that make late night fun again. 

ABC/Randy Holmes

Kerry Washington

For proving that one can act like an absolute crazy person and still be classy as hell on Scandal. (It’s handled!) And for wearing lots of pretty things while being a damned intelligent lady.  

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Miss America

For being the first Indian-American to win the crown, and for dealing with the racist backlash so gracefully. As she told The Daily Beast, “the girl next door is evolving as the vision of Miss America is evolving.”


The Nobel Prize Committee

For awarding the Nobel Prize for Literature to Alice Munro, a writer we all know and admire.

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Nik Wallenda

For showing us up by walking across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope. 

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The Creator of the Foam Finger

For calling out Miley Cyrus for “degrading an icon.”

Daniel Daza

Robert Redford

For giving the performance of the year in All Is Lost—without speaking. If he doesn’t win the Oscar, we’re moving to Canada.


Roger Federer

For keeping things interesting…in the hair department

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‘The Best Man Holiday’

For getting Taye Diggs back on the big screen



’Nough said.