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The Best ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Solve Ever and More Viral Videos

From an Italian nun rocking The Voice to Bradley Cooper showing Louis C.K. what’s up, watch our countdown of this week’s buzziest videos.

03.22.04 10:45 AM ET

 5. ‘Tonight Show’ Spoofs Obama and Putin

If only the presidents of the U.S. and Russia actually behaved like this. In this farcical phone call between the world leaders, Jimmy Fallon plays a jocular President Putin, who shares a drink with his American counterpart before launching into a duet of Frozen’s “Let It Go.”  

4. Penguin Fail

These poor little flightless birds. Apparently penguins aren’t very good at stepping over a tethered rope that blocks their path. (No animals were harmed in the making of this video.) 

3. Bradley Cooper Shows Louis C.K. What’s Up

Once upon a time, Louis C.K. said that “there’s no way you ask Sean Penn a question [at Inside the Actor’s Studio] and then you’re gonna be huge.” Bradley Cooper makes the comedian eat his words. 

2. Funky Italian Nun Dominates ‘The Voice’

The Clash’s “Rock the Casbah” is so 1980s. This week, it’s all about rocking the Church. Sister Cristina Scuccia astonished the judges of The Voice of Italy by belting out an impressive rendition of Alicia Keys’s “No One.” 

1. ‘Wheel of Fortune:’ Best Solve Ever

Maybe this guy can find answers to the Malaysia Airlines mystery or the U.S.-Russia impasse, because figuring out this bonus round puzzle required some sort of mystical powers. Just two letters, and a first guess success? Wow.