Sex Wars: Sluts vs. Losers

When it comes to sex, who’s got it tougher: the woman who’s called a slut for having too much casual sex? Or the guy who’s branded a loser for not having enough? A provocative new study has launched a Daily Beast debate between sexperts Susannah Breslin and Grant Stoddard.

When it comes to sexual latitude, men and women confront different rules and expectations. Who has it worse? A recent study published in the Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality found that, despite the popular belief that women face more societal chastising than men do, men actually reported more instances of feeling constrained by social norms. The Daily Beast asked two sexperts, Susannah Breslin and Grant Stoddard, to debate in on the conclusions.

Susannah Breslin: Women Have It Worse

The author of the blog Reverse Cowgirl and noted sex writer says promiscuous women still suffer from the classic sexual double-standard more than men who can’t get laid.

For years, it’s been widely held that women have been accorded far less freedom of sexual expression than men. If a woman is too sexually adventurous, too promiscuous, too “freaky” in the sack, she gets labeled a slut. In contrast, men have been lauded for their sexual prowess, “high-fived for wantonness,” accorded “player” status for acting like studs ... MORE >>


Grant Stoddard: Men Have It Worse

The author of Working Stiff: The Misadventures of an Accidental Sexpert says men who can’t get laid suffer more from the classic sexual double-standard more than promiscuous women.

It’s taken the participation of 104 undergrads in a University of Saskatchewan study to determine something I’ve known for quite some time: While I’m supposed to honor requests to slap, restrain, throttle, and enable any Sapphic whim a woman may wish to actualize, a libidinous digression from me means putting an already tattered reputation on the line. Technically speaking I’m a man, and as such, I’m obligated to keep it simple. ... MORE >>