The 8 Sexiest Commercials

A naughty British razor commercial is raising eyebrows stateside, which got us thinking about our favorite sexy commercials past and present.

04.12.09 7:10 AM ET

Not All Metaphors Are Subtle

This hilarious, double entendre-laden U.K. commercial for the Wilkinson Sword Quattro razor certainly looks innocent enough. In fact, we caution the faint-of-heart to watch with the sound off. You can also see the toned-down American version here.

Not All Commercials Are Subtle, Either

Even muting the sound won’t stop this commercial from steaming up your computer screen. Watch as Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi goes to town on a Hardee’s burger.

And Now, Something For the Ladies

The classic 1994 “Diet Coke Break” commercial proves that women haven’t cornered the eye-candy market.

Really Not Subtle

Aussie chanteuse Kylie Minogue gyrates on a mechanical bull in this provocative ad for the aptly named British lingerie brand Agent Provocateur, proving Victoria doesn’t have nearly as many secrets abroad.

The Heiress and the Hamburger

Padma isn’t the first woman to get up close and personal with a big, sloppy hamburger. Check out Paris Hilton’s ad for Carl’s Jr. The burger itself may only make a cameo appearance, but do you really care?

Eat More Veggies

Big, dripping hamburgers aren’t the only things getting the sexy commercial treatment. This pro-vegetable PETA ad was banned from the 2009 Super Bowl for its complete lack of subtlety, which is really saying something.

Herbal Essences Makes Women Organic

This classic ad features a woman going all When Harry Met Sally for Herbal Essences shampoo. We’ll definitely have what she’s having.

Charlie’s Angel to the Rescue

Lest you think scandalous commercials are a post-millennial invention, here’s a saucy 1973 spot featuring Farrah Fawcett suggestively soaping up Joe Namath.