100 Days Report Card

How’s Obama doing so far? The Daily Beast’s all-star team of analysts, from Christopher Buckley to Paul Begala, Sean Wilentz to Rep. Peter King, weigh in.

04.28.09 9:36 PM ET

Don't Let Me Down, Obama!
by Christopher Buckley

After endorsing the president in October, I think so far he’s living up to expectations. MORE >>


The Long Slog
by Stanley Crouch

President Obama's message emphasizes patient competence over quick fixes and spreads responsibility far and wide for the nation's most pressing problems. MORE >>


God Loves Obama
by Ana Marie Cox

Everything is breaking this guy's way—the timing of everything, from Arlen Specter to the swine flu. MORE >>


Bringing America Along for the Ride
by Paul Begala

Not only has President Obama pushed through an impressive set of legislation, he's made Americans feel invested in his success. MORE >>


Lay Off, Republicans
by Mark McKinnon

It may feel good to rip on Obama now, but Republicans are wrecking their credibility should the president merit more legitimate criticism. MORE >>


Managing the Press
by Nicolle Wallace

George W. Bush's communications director gives her Obama counterpart high marks for stringing together a credible and sustainable narrative for this presidency. MORE >>


100 Days of Paranoia
by Reihan Salam

It seems that no matter what Obama does as president, wild-eyed conspiracy theorists will generate their own reality. MORE >>

Obama as Muhammad Ali
by Kathleen Parker

After 100 days, I think I’ve figured it out. Obama is Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. (Muhammad Ali to the more recently born.) Always above the fray, he floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. MORE >>


The Politics of Niceness
by Eric Alterman

Obama promised to end the partisan warfare in Washington. He has, in a very sneaky way. MORE >>


Cheer Up, Liberals
by Matthew Yglesias

Obama is on track to accomplish major changes despite some grumbling from the left. MORE >>


Thanks for Playing Nice
by Rep. Peter King

Obama's bipartisan overtures may not have paid off yet, but a Republican congressman says they'll benefit the president down the line. MORE >>


Grade: Incomplete
by Sean Wilentz

President Obama leaves many questions unanswered after 100 days, but he's already doing better than JFK and Lincoln, who got off to disastrous starts en route to greatness. MORE >>



A Clinton Convert Speaks
by Lanny Davis

Lanny Davis was one of Hillary Clinton's most vocal primary supporters—and one of Barack Obama's toughest critics. But the president has won him over in his first 100 days. MORE >>


Substance Over Style
by John Avlon

Critics said Obama was a lightweight on the campaign trail. His first 100 days have proved them wrong. MORE >>


The Power of Michelle
by Katty Kay

The First Lady's unimaginable comeback. MORE >>


The Looming Backlash
by Patricia J. Williams

President Obama’s first 100 days may have been a success, but the forces gathering against him are only gaining steam. MORE >>