Farrah Fawcett: A Video Tribute

At 62, Farrah Fawcett lost her lengthy and public battle with cancer in a Los Angeles hospital on Thursday afternoon. View 10 classic moments from her career on screen.

06.25.09 12:55 PM ET

The Dating Game

In this 1969 episode of the classic game show, a brunette Farrah, then in her early 20s, chooses among three potential suitors. The charming girl from Corpus Christi, Texas, asked her would-be mates how they would woo a rose of Texas like herself.

The Partridge Family

A 23-year-old Farrah appeared in the 1970 Partridge Family episode, “The Sound of Money.” She played a young woman hired to beguile a man, a natural fit for the natural beauty.


The woman who lit up adolescent bedrooms with her iconic red-bathing-suit poster sizzled in this 1973 ad for Noxema, featuring quarterback Joe Namath.

Ultra Brite

Almost as famous for her smile as she was for her hair, Farrah endorsed Ultra Brite toothpaste in this witty commercial from the 1970s.

Mercury Cougar

A 1975 commercial for the Mercury Cougar featured a powerful, sexy feline…and also, a cougar.

Charlie’s Angels

Farrah finally rose to national prominence in the role of Jill Munroe on Charlie’s Angels. Men loved the jiggle TV, and women flocked to their hair stylists to recreate her distinctive ‘do; more importantly, however, Farrah provided a positive role model as a crime-fighting woman on television. In this first-season episode, “Angels in Chains” (1976), the Angels go undercover at a women’s prison to investigate a missing convict.

Fabergé Shampoo

After she achieved stardom, Farrah was able to switch from doing shampoo commercials for Head and Shoulders to commercials for her own line of shampoo, marketed by Fabergé.

Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story

Farrah tested her dramatic skills in the 1976 made-for-TV movie, Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story, playing the titular character, an unhappy socialite.

Logan’s Run

In 1976, Farrah appeared in the sci-fi thriller Logan’s Run as Holly. Though her role was small, it was memorable as one of her earliest high-profile film appearances.

Farrah's Story

Finally, in May of 2009, NBC aired Farrah’s Story, a documentary comprised of video diaries shot by Fawcett as she struggled with cancer in its final months. The footage showed a resilient, determined Farrah, who never lost an ounce of her grace and beauty to the ravages of the disease.

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