Fresh Picks

One of the most celebrated chefs of our time tells us what he’s loving right now.

07.07.09 10:50 PM ET

Eric Ripert

Eric Ripert is one of the world’s most well-known and respected French chefs. He is chef and part-owner of the restaurant Le Bernardin, which has maintained a four-star rating by The New York Times since 1986; named Outstanding Restaurant of the Year; called one of the Seven Food Temples of the World; and earned the top, three-star honor by the Michelin Guide. He has appeared as a judge on Top Chef and a guest on a number of other television programs. He is also the author of the cookbooks A Return to Cooking and Le Bernardin Cookbook. For full bio, click here.


These simple grilled tomatoes are a summer treat.

I love anything cooked on the grill, and I noticed this super simple recipe on Cookstr recently: fresh cherry tomatoes and basil, lightly grilled so that the basil doesn’t scorch. It’s a lovely side dish for any summer meal.


B. Milne


Daniel Boulud strikes gold again.

I recently tried DBGB, Daniel Boulud’s new spot on the Bowery. I loved the place instantly. With DBGB, Daniel has created a very casual, fun atmosphere, and he is serving terrific food. I loved the Tunisian sausage, the burgers, and the great beer from Brooklyn.



Le Meilleur & Le Plus Simple de Robuchon is full of simple and authentic recipes.

I have a large cookbook collection and I’m always adding to it. But I come back time and again to any book by Joel Robuchon, who is one of my mentors. In particular I love Le Meilleur & Le Plus Simple de Robuchon because it’s full of great recipes adapted from the restaurant—simplified but still very authentic French dishes that can be simply accomplished at home.

Food Destination

For every imaginable spice and hard-to-find ingredient, head to Kalustyan’s.

I adore New York and I believe it’s one of the great food cities in the world. If you’re there, you have to check out Kalustyan’s at 123 Lexington Avenue. It’s one of the city’s greatest gems, particularly since I love browsing around for great ingredients. They have every imaginable spice and all the hard-to-find ingredients. For other interesting markets, Chinatown is another one of my favorite spots.

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