July 26: 7 Best Moments From Sunday Talk

Hillary Clinton dismisses Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Paul Krugman and Nancy Pelosi share (guardedly) optimistic outlooks for the economy, and Bill Kristol fires back at Obama’s “stupidly” comment. All this and more in this week’s Sunday talk roundup.

07.26.09 5:08 PM ET

Hillary Clinton to Iran: Your Nuclear Efforts Are “Futile”

On Sunday's Meet the Press, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ratcheted up her tough talk on Iran, vowing that America will do everything in its power to prevent the country from going nuclear. Maybe they need a time out, too?

Krugman: The End (of the Recession) Is Near

Is the recession over? Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman seems to think so…with a few caveats. As Krugman explained on This Week, the economy will improve but the job market will get worse. Yay?

Axelrod Won’t Waste Time Pondering Palin

With Sarah Palin finally exiting office on Sunday, most pundits are probably eager to weigh in. So why is White House adviser David Axelrod so evasive? He tells John King on State of the Union that he and his political friends don’t spend their free time thinking about the future of the former governor of Alaska. If that’s true, it separates them from most political wonks.

Pelosi: The “Good Times” Are Coming!

On CNN’s State of the Union, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was brimming with optimism, saying she doesn’t think we need a second stimulus package because the “good times” are right around the corner. And we already have a second stimulus…the health-care bill. Despite the controversy and delays, she’s also confident that the bill will pass when it hits the floor.

DeMint: Obama Is “Out of Control”

Last week, Sen. Jim DeMint made headlines in an interview where he said health reform will be Obama’s Waterloo. This Sunday, he was back with more fiery remarks on This Week with George Stephanopoulos, saying his attacks are not personal (he even likes Obama, honest!). But he then proceeded to call the president “out of control,” accusing him of creating panic, making “false promises,” and leading a “stampede” of spending.

Another President Clinton? Not Likely.

When pressed by David Gregory on Meet the Press, Hillary Clinton pretty much ruled out another run for the office, but said she hopes to see some other Democratic woman in the White House in her lifetime. (Read: Not Palin.)

Kristol Blasts “Arrogant” Obama

President Obama has all but apologized publicly for his comments last week in which he said the Cambridge police and Sgt. James Crowley had “ acted stupidly” in the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and he even floated the idea of sharing a beer with the two men in the White House. But on Fox News Sunday, Bill Kristol still dug into Obama, calling him “an arrogant man” who can’t admit when he is wrong, and who “feels entitled to pass judgment” on people.

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