Rather Sounds Off

In the latest installment of “Have a Drink With,” Dan Rather and Rachel Sklar meet over a strong drink for some tough talk about Rather’s feud with CBS, the usefulness of bloggers, and the fate of Afghanistan.

Rather Takes Aim at Bloggers

So does Dan Rather think of bloggers as a bunch of pajama-wearing snark machines? Not really. But he draws a sharp line between those who “process the news” and those who gather it.

Rather on His Lawsuit Against CBS: I Don’t Care If I Win

Last week, Rather scored a significant victory in court against CBS Inc., winning access to documents and reinstating fraud claims against the Tiffany network. Rather tells Sklar why this isn't just a battle for his reputation but a fight for the soul of journalism.

Will Victory in Afghanistan Take 15 Years?

Rather, no stranger to Afghanistan, compares the conflict to the Korean War and says building a true democracy there will require something akin to our presence in Europe after World War II—both in time and in cost.

And Another Thing About Journalism…

Rather takes on the major news organizations and their lack of “boots on the ground” to cover the news. He asks: If the mainstream media move more and more toward offering commentary, who will get us the news?

Rachel Sklar is the Editor-at-Large for and a contributor to the Daily Beast. She was formerly a senior writer and editor at the Huffington Post and is currently working on Jew-ish, a humorous book about cultural identity. She recently launched online micro-giving site Charitini, and Twitters up a storm here.