Tom Ford Unzipped

The famed fashion designer-turned-director talks to Tina Brown about A Single Man, his own life, a nasty letter from Yves Saint Laurent, and the spiritual side of $75 socks.

A Fashion Star Makes a Film? Ford Talks About Hollywood’s Reaction

Tom Ford admits that there was skepticism about A Single Man—a film that earned Colin Firth the best actor award at the Venice Film Festival—but in Hollywood, they only talk about you behind your back.

The Truth About $75 Socks

The king of the sexually charged runway doubts the value of material things? Ford talks about wanting more than money has to offer—but still loving what it can buy.

Ford on Ralph Lauren, Why Yves Saint Laurent was “Evil”

Ford offers some advice to Ralph Lauren, the man he says is one of his creative heroes: Direct a film! Ford also speaks about his famous battles with another giant in fashion, Yves Saint Laurent.

Ford on Marketing’s G Spot

The man who once carved the Gucci “G” into a model’s pubic hair explains why marketing alone—however provocative—is never enough.

The Truth Behind His Gucci Exit

In 2004, after taking Gucci from a fashion also-ran to an almost $3 billion company, Ford left for an uncertain future. He talks about missing the spotlight—and why he failed at golf.

And the Best-Dressed Man in the World Is…

You either know him well or haven’t heard about him at all: Tom Ford reveals his pick of the chicest man in the world. Hint: He’s Italian and the heir to a certain automobile fortune. Ford also gives his thoughts on the president and first lady, and explains why women on the red carpet all look the same.

Trailer: A Single Man

It’s what we’ve been talking about: the film Ford co-wrote and directed, and which prompted Peter Travers to write, “Ford is a true visionary, but it’s his humanity that gives the love story a ravishing, bruised grandeur.”

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