December 20: 7 Best Moments from Sunday Talk

McCain critiques Palin’s visor choice, David Axelrod rethinks calling Howard Dean “insane,” and did Joe Lieberman actually save health care? That and more in our Sunday roundup.

12.20.09 3:54 PM ET

Howard Dean: Nothing Personal, But Your Bill’s Still Crazy

The big conflict over the Senate health-care bill between David Axelrod and Howard Dean didn’t exactly escalate into much of a throwdown Sunday. Both appeared on Meet the Press—although not at the same time—but with both sides softening a bit on the intra-party tension. Dean—whom Axelrod implied was “insane” but then denied—says his opposition to the bill is nothing “personal.” It probably doesn’t seem that way in the White House.

McCain Weighs in on Palin’s ‘Visor-gate’

Sen. John McCain has become the go-to guy on Sunday about all things Sarah Palin. So of course Chris Wallace would not let his interview end without hearing his thoughts on the Palin’s recent visor controversy. On Fox News Sunday, McCain laughed the incident off, arguing that these types of “hysterical attacks” from the left are exactly why Palin will continue to be a “force” in the Republican Party.

Is All the Lieberman Bashing Undeserved?

Smart discussion on Reliable Sources about the near-frenzy of Lieberman bashing among Democrats last week. Ryan Lizza of the New Yorker points out that the public option, for which Lieberman has been portrayed as the lone obstacle, actually never had a shot, and had Lieberman not gotten it removed from the bill, the White House would have around 48 or 50 senators behind it, not the critical 60.

David Axelrod: Dean’s Not ‘Insane,’ But He’s Incorrect

Health-care reform hit another snag last week, this time with opposition from the left by Howard Dean, who White House adviser David Axelrod called “ insane." Guess that's not a word you're supposed to use toward a former governor or DNC chairman: Here's Axelrod back-pedaling Sunday on This Week with George Stephanopoulos, admitting that it was a poor choice of words, but Dean still has his facts wrong.

Lindsey Graham Goes Off on Obama’s 'Seedy Chicago Politics'

Majority Leader Harry Reid may be happy that he has successfully rounded up the 60 votes to prevent a filibuster on health-care reform, but Republican Lindsey Graham is not as pleased. On State of the Union, the senator went on a full-scale attack on the administration and the process for the health bill, accusing Democrats of everything from “seedy Chicago politics” and bribery to backroom deals and Ponzi schemes.

Sen. Sherrod Brown Injects A Christmas Carol Into Health Debate

Bah Humbug! That’s probably what the Obama administration is thinking this holiday season as they watch the relentless opposition to the health-care bill from both sides of the Senate. On Face the Nation, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) used the Charles Dickens Christmas classic in an attack on the GOP’s efforts to thwart the legislation. He says they’re just defending the insurance companies, i.e. practices worthy of Scrooge.

McLaughlin Panel: Two New Supreme Court Justices and Beware of Yemen?

Yes, the The McLaughlin Group often seems like it’s a day or two behind the news, but one aspect of the venerable punditfest makes it one of the best shows every Sunday—the predictions segment. This week, the panel anticipates a new female Supreme Court justice, a new base for al Qaeda’s operations and, from Eleanor Clift, some troubling news for Democrats.

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