What to Eat: Easter

Don’t celebrate Easter in a church? You can still take the opportunity to prepare some of the holiday’s most celebrated and delicious dishes in the kitchen.

03.30.10 10:12 PM ET

Baked Ham
by Marion Cunningham

James Beard’s right-hand woman shares her secret to making her prized Easter ham, which will leave everyone saying hallelujah.

A delicious baked ham in the center of the table is an Easter tradition that goes way back. The twin (non-kosher) constellation to Passover’s Seder plate, the ham orients guests to the orbiting dishes like a beautiful pork North Star. Savory and filling, it completes any Easter supper. Make it big—guests will eat their fill and hosts can enjoy the wonderful leftovers.

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Krause, Johansen

Buttery Pull-Apart Dinner Rolls
by Abby Dodge

For those who gave up carbs for Lent, this recipe from a culinary queen will be a delicious return to form.

The name of this dish says it all. Pass these buttery pull-apart rolls around in a cozy spring breadbasket and diners will think forward to summer picnics and the warmth of impending spring. Homemade bread is really the only way to go for a foodie Easter supper, and this recipe is easy to customize with whatever flavor variations suit guests’ palates.

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Spring Pea Soup
by Laura Pensiero

One of Oprah’s most “gifted and giving” food professionals shares the gift of a wonderful spring soup that will add color and flavor to any Easter spread.

What better way to celebrate spring than with a verdant bowl of budding goodness? In contrast to the hearty soups of winter, this beautiful light spring soup will be a much-appreciated addition to a celebratory meal. Plus, it provides an excellent counterpoint to the ham’s decadence with its light touch.

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Asparagus with Citrus, Parsley, and Garlic
by Mario Batali

Who better to have at an Easter feast this year than chef Mario Batali via an amazing asparagus side dish?

As Mario Batali says, “asparagus trumpets the arrival of spring.” This wonderful spear vegetable is one of the first to erect itself from the soil, springing toward the heavens in celebration of the sun’s renewed presence in our lives. The citrus, parsley, and garlic (also known as a Gremolata) are a wonderful enhancement to the toothsome bite of perfectly cooked asparagus. This is a classic spring side.

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Coconut Palm Cream Cake
by Alice Medrich

The Julia Child, IACP, and James Beard award winner offers a delicious sweet treat that will make any guest forget the candy in their Easter basket.

With hints of maple and coffee, this cake is a perfect finish to a delectable Easter feast. And for guests who missed it, the name harks back to the Sunday before. It is filled with whipped cream and coconut, and is simply scrumptious. To finish the meal with an extra fancy bang, caramelize the top with a torch like a crème brû lé e.

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