8 Best Moments from the Lost Finale

From the long overdue Sun and Jin reunion to the island’s mysteries revealed (sort of), WATCH VIDEO of the Lost series finale.

From the long overdue Sun and Jin reunion to the island’s mysteries revealed (sort of), WATCH VIDEO of the Lost series finale.

Sun and Jin: Together. Finally.

Kleenex alert! Though Sun and Jin’s much-anticipated reunion—after two seasons of separation— ended in tragedy, the star-crossed duo were given a happy ending in flash-sideways world, when their doctor (hey, look, it’s Juliet!) helped trigger memories of their relationship in the regular, island world.

Once More Unto the Hatch

While lowering the electromagnetic-resistant Desmond into the pool of light at the island’s heart, Jack and Smokey-as-Locke shared an uncomfortable moment in this nice callback to the season one finale.

“We Should Get Coffee Sometime.”

Over the course of the finale, the denizens of sideways world—which was revealed in the last scene to be a sort of communal afterlife for the island’s castaways—were slowly awakened to the memories of their real lives. In this case, it meant Juliet forgetting her sideways world husband, Jack, in favor of her island paramour Sawyer.

Smackdown! Jack vs. Smokey

After terrorizing the castaways for six straight seasons, the Man in Black. a.k.a. Smokey, a.k.a. The Smoke Monster, finally got smacked down by Jack.

You All Everybody: Charlie and Claire Reunite

Continuing with the feel-good reunions was the re-pairing of Charlie and Claire, who were separated after Charlie died and Claire went, well, crazy. But poor Emilie de Ravin, having to give birth twice on the same show—to the same child, no less!

The Return of Boone and Shannon

With the absolute carnage in the last season of Lost, it’s easy to forget how many characters didn’t even make it past the first two seasons. Like, for example, Boone and Shannon, who reappeared, however briefly, during the grand finale.

“I Forgive You.”

Okay, granted the redemption of Benjamin Linus was a little rushed considering his killing spree only one episode prior, but it was still nice for him to apologize to Locke for, you know, strangling him to death.

And Then We Came to the End

And so, in the divisive final moments of the series, the big mystery of the last season was revealed—the entire island existence was real, time-traveling and all, but the flash-sideways were just glimpses of a shared afterlife for all the castaways. Cop-out, or closure? Watch and decide.