Adios, Tyra! Her 14 Most Outrageous Moments

An anthem to her rear, an interrogation of Levi Johnston, fake rabies. After five years, The Tyra Banks Show is going off the air. Watch video of the most unforgettable moments.

Big Booty Anthem

Tyra has something to say, and everyone had better listen. After paparazzi snapped some unflattering photos of her, the crusading beauty took it upon herself to fight back for all women who have been wronged. That is, after she spent an entire segment denying an alleged 40-pound weight gain. Historians will remember her subtle message to the haters: “Kiss my fat ass!”

Tyra Talks Two Vaginas

It was the best of Tyra, it was the worst of Tyra, it was... Tyra spelling ratings with a "v." Here she is featuring five women, each with the same unique physical condition. We suspect, however, that Tyra's motivation for bringing them on was just to say "two vaginas," like, a lot.

Frisky Nibbling With Twilight Stars

Things got a little frisky when Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner went on the show. “I want you to bite me, Robert,” Tyra said in an English accent. She wasn’t finished. Taylor was next.

Naked Body Search on Prison Runway

First she removed her jewelry. Then she toned her makeup down. And then she submitted to an intimate body search—in front of others. Tyra’s feelings of being violated were not enough to prevent her from sharing her raw journey into jail. “I need you to grab your buttocks area and cough,” the officer said. For her audience, Tyra did just that.

Empire State of Tyra

In Season 3, Tyra uprooted her show and moved from Los Angeles to New York. In this cross-country trek, she flirts with Elvis and lets him smack her behind.

Beauty Secret Revealed! Insanity Ensues

Everything was just fine until Tyra revealed her biggest beauty secret ever: a special “eye and anything cream.” Pure mayhem is what happened next, as Tyra ran around the studio screaming to the audience, “You get Vaseline.”

Tyra and Breasts: An Appreciation

From double Ds to double As, Tyra has celebrated breasts throughout the years. In this mashup, enjoy Tyra enjoying her favorite parts of the female body.

John Edwards' Wendy’s Affair

Tyra discovers that Senator John Edwards and his wife have a romantic tradition of celebrating anniversaries at Wendy’s. Since this was Edwards’ first time on The Tyra Banks Show, she had no choice but to recreate the magic on television with him. Pay close attention to Edwards’ face when Tyra announces it’s his first time on the show. It’s priceless.

Rabid Dog Bites Tyra. Psych!

On a special episode of The Tyra Banks Show, Tyra dabbles in some dark comedy by pretending to have rabies. Hilarity doesn't quite ensue.

Tyra Vs. The Animal Kingdom

Don’t be fooled by Tyra’s fierceness. Alas, she’s still only human. And since elementary school she’s suffered from an intense fear of dolphins. Here, Tyra musters up enough courage to enter an empty swimming pool for a few minutes before the terror sets in. But do porcupines stand a chance? Judging by her shrieks of terror and the way the couch flips over, the answer is no.

Perez Hilton Smackdown

The Tyra Banks Show sometimes featured an odd combination of trashiness and moralizing that made for great viewing, as in this moment with Perez Hilton. Tyra makes a deal with Hilton to protect celebrity children from vicious jokes.

Levi Johnston Snapped Like a Twig

On Tyra’s couch, no question is too personal. So when Levi Johnston sat down, Tyra dove right in. “Were you practicing safe sex?” she asked. And after just a few seconds of grilling, Levi admitted that there had been the occasional lapse in protection.

Tyra Tells Boy What Sex Feels Like

Hey now! Tyra put the fear of God in a young boy on her show when he asked her what sex felt like. Her answer involves a hammer, nails, and fire. Yikes.

Philosophy on Passing Gas

Rejoice, Ladies, because Tyra has a stinky confession to make. She passes gas. Here she has a burping contest, talks about a bout of uncontrollable flatulence after a colonoscopy, and discusses the social rules of breaking wind. Tyra even confesses that she enjoys letting loose in the makeup room. “If it’s not going to be funky, I just let it out,” she said. Now that’s fierce.

Sujay Kumar works at The Daily Beast. He's written for MTV Splash Page and The Daily Illini.

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