The Perfect Homemade Ice Cream

From a classic vanilla ice cream to pineapple rosemary sorbet, here are 5 simple recipes for ice cream you can make from scratch.

08.11.10 6:31 PM ET

From street vendors’ shaved ice covered in fruity syrup to cereal milk-flavored soft serve, from beer-can popsicles to high-end Italian gelato, frozen treats—specifically of the single-serving variety—are once again the official food of summer.

Homemade ice cream provides a certain contentment that few other foods can offer. The pleased squeals of “you made that?!” sound more thrilling, the self-satisfaction of creating something tasty is more fulfilling, and the flavors are all the more delicious because you made them yourself. Standing behind the stove may not seem like the coolest place to be in August, but with only a few ingredients and a couple of hours, a perfect scoop of late summer happiness can be all yours.

To get you inspired, here are five recipes for ice creams and sorbets:

Vanilla Ice Cream by Mark Peel

A classic is a classic is a classic… for a good reason. This vanilla ice cream is not too sweet, allowing for the dynamic flavor of vanilla to really shine.

Dark Chocolate Ice Cream by Sally Sampson

If you’re going to go chocolate, you might as well go really, really chocolate. This ice cream is so chocolatey it’s almost black.

Sour Cream Ice Cream by Alice Medrich

If sophistication is what you’re looking for, then look no further. This gelato-like ice cream has a tanginess and richness that’s incomparable.

Pineapple Rosemary Sorbet by Kate Zuckerman

The sweetness of pineapple is perfectly offset by the subtle hint of the rosemary, which makes this sorbet super refreshing and super unusual.

White or Yellow Nectarine Sherbet by Alice Waters

When nectarines are sweet, they need nearly no additional sugar to improve upon their flavor. Serve white and yellow nectarine sherbets together for a dramatic presentation.

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