Golden Globes 2011: Watch the Funniest Moments

From a radiant Natalie Portman to a combative Ricky Gervais, Chris Colfer’s sweet speech to Robert De Niro’s take on homeland security, WATCH the best clips of the Golden Globes.

01.17.11 7:01 AM ET

From a radiant Natalie Portman to a combative Ricky Gervais, Chris Colfer’s sweet speech to Robert De Niro’s take on homeland security, WATCH the best clips of the Golden Globes. Plus, view the best red carpet looks.

Natalie Portman: Winning for Two Now

In accepting her win for her turn in Black Swan, a giddy Natalie Portman confirmed what anyone who spotted her baby bump had already surmised: Benjamin Millepied, her fiancé, wants to sleep with her. “You might remember [Benjamin] in the movie as the guy who when they ask ‘Would you sleep with that girl?’ and he’s like, ‘Pfft, no!’ He’s the best actor, it’s not true—he totally wants to sleep with me!”

Ricky Gervais: Too Far or Too Frickin’ Funny?

Ricky Gervais has always pushed the envelope as an awards show host, but did he finally go too far this time? His biting monologue, which took shots at Tom Cruise, The Tourist, Cher, and a cavalcade of other luminaries, set an acerbic—almost acidic—tone for the rest of the evening. The Envelope says that “a visible contingent in the glitzy crowd on Sunday night was palpably discomfited by the British comic's full-frontal joke assault.” When he came out to present, Robert Downey, Jr. said the show so far was “hugely mean-spirited with mildly sinister undertones.” To be sure, Gervais’ constant barbs bordered on uncomfortable, but at least it gave way to one of the least-snoozy Golden Globes in recent memory.

Robert De Niro: What the Focker?

Gervais wasn’t alone in his button pushing. Robert De Niro, who accepted the Lifetime Achievement award, thanked the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for doling out his accolade before viewing Little Fockers. He then joked that members of the HFPA were deported right before the show—along with the wait staff and Javier Bardem. De Niro defended his jokes to The Hollywood Reporter, saying, “I thought this would be more fun for this kind of evening.”

Chris Colfer: Proof It Gets Better

Dare you not to tear up at least a little while watching this touching speech by Chris Colfer, who won his first Golden Globe for his portrayal of Kurt in Glee. Clearly, the voters were rewarding his heartrending performance of “ I Want to Hold Your Hand.”

Christian Bale: F--- Yeah!

The broadcast censors had their work cut out for them this year in trying to bleep out all the expletives uttered by the assembled glitterati. Christian Bale— who is normally so meek and mild!—was up to the challenge, fêting Robert De Niro at the end of his speech for Best Supporting Actor in, let’s just say, a colorful way.

Katey Sagal: One Hot Mama

Katey Sagal might have been snubbed at the Emmys but she was vindicated with an upset win for Lead Actress in a Television Drama. The Sons of Anarchy actress said, “Oh my God, you know, I’ve just been working so many years and I’m so honored to be up here.”

Robert Downey, Jr.: Naughty Boy!

Somehow, against all odds, the ceremony got even bawdier when Robert Downey, Jr. took the stage to give a very special tribute to the Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical nominees. Watch your backs, ladies! Or Robert will watch them for you.

Jane Lynch: “My Cup Runneth Over.”

Jane Lynch is an old hand at award show speeches, having nabbed an Emmy in August. This newfound confidence allowed the Glee star to showcase some of her rapier wit while accepting her Golden Globe for Supporting Actress in a TV Series. “I am nothing if not falsely humble,” she joked, before thanking Glee’s writing staff and her wife.

Aaron Sorkin: “Likes” the HFPA

The Social Network won big, nabbing Best Motion Picture Drama and, here, Best Screenplay for Aaron Sorkin, who had some kind words for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, as well as the female nominees who taught his daughter that “elite is not a bad word, it’s an aspirational one.” Unsurprisingly, none of those female nominees were actually in The Social Network.

Annette Bening: More Than All Right

And the Oscar race just got interesting! The Golden Globes splits drama and comedy movie nominations, which allowed both Natalie Portman and Annette Bening to bring home the gold for Black Swan and The Kids Are All Right, respectively. But come Oscar time, there’s just one category for Best Actress, and Portman and Bening are presumed locks for nominations. For her Globes win, Bening thanked her co-stars Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo.

Colin Firth: A Kingly Speech

For his King’s Speech win, Colin Firth thanked the HFPA for giving him an award that gave him enough “gentle reassurance” to negate his need for a midlife-crisis Harley Davidson. Shame he won’t be in the Wild Hogs sequel.

Melissa Leo: “All That and Kissed by Jeremy Irons!”

It wasn’t quite an upset, but The Fighter’s Melissa Leo was certainly the dark horse in the Best Supporting Actress category, which she shared with Mila Kunis, Helena Bonham Carter, Amy Adams, and Jacki Weaver. Leo, however, seemed less jazzed about the hardware in her hand than the peck she received from presenter Jeremy Irons. No one can blame her.

Michael Douglas: Inspiring Inter-Anchor Animosity

It’s no surprise the awards themselves were oddly combative. There was almost a total smackdown on the red carpet when one CNN anchor hijacked another anchor’s Michael Douglas interview. Even worse: Both overeager interviewers were from the same network.

Alec Baldwin: Jack Now, Congressman Later?

“You have trumped the entire red carpet with your damned political bids,” Big Bang Theory star ( and Globe winner) Jim Parsons jokingly groused to Alec Baldwin when Ryan Seacrest tried to ditch Parsons for the potential political figure. But Baldwin expanded upon his future plans, saying he wanted to concentrate on 30 Rock for the duration of his contract, which currently expires in 2012.

Olivia Wilde: What’s Going On Under There?

Olivia Wilde’s glitzy Marchesa gown was one of the most buzzed-about red carpet looks of the night—and not just because she joked about hiding Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson in the voluminous skirt. But E!’s Ryan Seacrest seemed downright baffled by the mechanics of her ensemble, awkwardly inquiring, “How does a dress like that—because I’m a man—how does a dress like that work for a woman underneath?”

Kaley Cuoco: Shows Off Bling, Sings

Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco sure has a strange sense of humor. She fooled Ryan Seacrest with a bit of bling on her ring finger, letting him believe he was breaking the news that she’s engaged. But alas, it was just a decorative ring that would only fit on that particular digit. Note for the future, Kaley: They do make ring sizers, you know. No need to give poor Seacrest a heart attack.