7 Wildest Moments from the 2011 MTV Movie Awards

Robert Pattinson drops the F bomb and smooches his Twilight costar. (No, the other one.) Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake get handsy. And Schwarzenegger gets roasted. Shannon Donnelly on the wildest moments from MTV's always outrageous Movie Awards.

06.06.11 12:45 PM ET

A Very Hungover Opening

Host Jason Sudeikis kicked off the show with a shot-for-shot send-up of The Hangover 2, which itself was a shot-for-shot remake of The Hangover, so…yay for recycling. But, much like The Hangover 2, it's hard to hate on something less-than-original when it's this freaking funny. With clever shots at Osama bin Laden, Black Swan's infamous girl-on-girl scene, and Rebecca Black's "Friday," the opening set the tone for a very cheeky awards show.

Arnold Gets Roasted

News of Arnold Schwarzenegger's infidelity and love child broke close to the end of Saturday Night Live's season, no doubt leaving the writers stuck with dozens of unused quips that will be stale by the time the show returns in September. No worries, though, because they apparently passed them along to Sudeikis, who roasted the ex-Governator for the majority of his monologue. "For the first time in the history of the MTV Movie Awards, the entire balcony has been fathered by Arnold Schwarzenegger," Sudeikis quipped, before teasing Arnold's next film: Pumping the Ironer.

Mila and Justin Get Handsy

The upcoming rom-com Friends With Benefits needs to differentiate itself from the very similar No Strings Attached, which was released back in January. Luckily, stars Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake weren't afraid to go the extra mile in promoting their flick, getting super touchy-feely while presenting Best Male Performance in a bit that finally answers that nagging question: How does J.T. hit those high notes so easily?

Justin Wins? Better Bieb-lieve It.

In case there was any doubt as to which age bracket does the bulk of the voting for the MTV Movie Awards, Justin Bieber snagged Best Jaw Dropping Moment for Never Say Never—over the world-bending scene in Inception and James Franco sawing his own arm off in 127 Hours. Bieber is adorable and all, but… seriously?

Pattinson Kisses Twilight Costar. No, the Other One.

Sudeikis wasn't kidding when he predicted MTV would stand for "More Twilight Victories" for the evening. In addition to Best Male Performance (Robert Pattinson), Best Female Performance (Kristen Stewart), Best Fight (Robert Pattinson vs. Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel), and Best Movie, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart got Best Kiss for the third year in a row. (Don't worry, Twi-haters, only two more movies to go.) Pattinson celebrated by laying one on his costar. No, not Stewart—Taylor Lautner. Finally, something that can bridge the seemingly insurmountable gap between Team Edward and Team Jacob.

Jason Sudeikis Proves Not All Musicals Are Classy

Jason Sudeikis's musical tribute to recent movies wasn't quite as wild as last year's musical number, which featured Ken Jeong in a cheetah bodysuit, but he scored major points for getting Emma Stone to sing about golden showers in a tribute to No Strings Attached. He followed that up with a decidedly single-entendre tribute to Just Go With It star Brooklyn Decker's, uh, assets.

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The Best Kiss Winner Has a Dirty, Dirty Mouth

The MTV Movie Awards show always has at least one moment guaranteed to give the network's Standards and Practices department a migraine, like when Seth Rogen lit up a "fake" blunt in 2008. Less expected was the source of this year's blooper, when the normally clean-cut Robert Pattinson dropped the F bomb in the middle of roasting his Water for Elephants costar, Reese Witherspoon, while presenting her with the Generation award.

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