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The Week in Viral Videos

From Weiner’s resignation to Brooke Shields’ Tonys flub, see the week's top 10 buzziest videos.

06.17.11 9:45 PM ET

10. Werner Herzog Says Go to Sleep

Making every tired parent’s dream come true: The legendary director did a reading of The New York Times bestseller Go the F--k to Sleep at the New York Public Library. If Herzog’s voice doesn’t work, nothing will.

9. Cain ‘Uncomfortable’ with Muslim in Administration

Communists, Nazis…and Muslims, oh my? At the New Hampshire GOP debate, pizza magnate Herman Cain said he’d be “uncomfortable” with a Muslim serving in his administration before New Gingrich brought the Islamophobia to a new level.

8. Rebecca Black Stars in Katy Perry’s ‘Friday’

What happened to pop diva Katy Perry and viral sensation Rebecca Black last Friday night? Watch Perry’s new music video to find out. Plus, look for cameos from two of the stars of Glee.

7. Coco’s Dartmouth Speech

Conan O’Brien told Dartmouth College’s Class of 2011 that they should be proud. By graduating, they achieved what only 92 percent of Americans will ever know. Watch his hilarious speech.

6. Shields Forgets Her Lines

Apparently real life is not like the television show Glee. At the Tony Awards, Brooke Shields had some trouble remembering her lines when Neil Patrick Harris fake surprised her with the microphone.

5. The Most Offensive Attack Ad Ever

This ad from Turn Right USA makes Christine O’Donnell’s witch spot seem normal. Watch as the PAC blasts California Democrat Janice Hahn in incredibly racist and sexist ways.

4. Dalai Lama Joke Fail

Talk about lost in translation. Watch what happens when this Australian news anchor tests his comedy chops while interviewing His Holiness and the punch line falls flat. The lesson? Don’t quit your day job.


3. Betty White’s 10 Tips For Happiness

Want the top 10 tips to living a long and happy life? Hear Betty White’s sage advice, like not tweeting photos of your junk and not dwelling on mistakes. LeBron, she’s talking to you.

2. Anthony Weiner Resigns

The disgraced congressman finally stepped down Thursday, saying he was most apologetic to his pregnant wife, Huma Abedin. Check out The Daily Beast’s full coverage of Weinergate.


1. Maher and Lynch’s NSFW Weiner Act

If this doesn’t teach you not to abuse Facebook, nothing will. Bill Maher and Jane Lynch did an extremely NSFW and graphic dramatic reading of Anthony Weiner’s dirty messages with one of his Internet lady friends.