Inside Boehner's Sales Pitch

How is the House speaker going to convince his caucus to vote "yes" on the debt-deal compromise? With a slideshow, of course! See a copy of Boehner's presentation.

08.01.11 1:05 AM ET

The Daily Beast has obtained a copy of the slideshow (PDF) House Speaker John Boehner used Sunday night to try to persuade House Republicans to accept a bipartisan compromise that would avert a default on U.S. debt by raising the government's borrowing limit and imposing sweeping cuts to federal spending.

In his presentation, Boehner stressed the fact that the 11th-hour deal struck between the White House and congressional leaders during a frantic weekend of negotiation acquiesced to GOP demands that there be no new taxes imposed in the immediate future.

The "framework accomplishes this without tax hikes, which would destroy jobs, while preventing a job-killing national default," Boehner's presentation boasted.

The speaker also noted that the deal would impose spending caps, an idea the House GOP passed earlier this month, if Congress doesn't enact a second round of spending cuts later this year. "As in House-passed bill, framework imposes spending caps that would set clear limits on future spending & serve as barrier against gov’t expansion while economy grows," the presentation noted.