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Downton Abbey’s Sybil Crawley and More Shocking TV Deaths (VIDEO)

Farewell, Sybil Crawley. The youngest daughter joined the ranks of Dexter’s Rita Morgan and more.

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Nate Fisher, ‘Six Feet Under’

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Six Feet Under was no stranger to death—it began each episode with one—but this one hit close to home. As the series wound toward its conclusion, Nate Fisher (Peter Krause) suffered a seizure while cheating on his wife. The next episode focused on his emergency surgery, and for the most part left viewers believing Nate would survive—until he and his brother, David, both had the same strange dream, also occupied by their dead father. When their father asked David, “Do you want to smoke some crack?” viewers should have known they would be in for a wild ride in the last few episodes. As Virginia Heffernan wrote in The New York Times, the finale of Six Feet Under couldn’t have shocked fans because, well, their “minds had already been blown.” Fans went into a spiral through the last couple of episodes to try to figure out what would become of the Fishers. The last episodes took the Fisher family from their grief through their eventual healing—showing that the show was truly about life amidst death. And in the finale, series creator Alan Ball showed us how the Fisher family eventually all died happily ever after.

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