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Monkeys Take Hollywood

'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' hits theaters Friday, just one of many recent monkey sensations. See more!

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‘Born to Be Wild’

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March of the Penguins, eat your heart out. IMAX 3D documentary Born to Be Wild, released this spring, follows the lives of orphaned orangutans and elephants in the wild. Directed by David Lickley and narrated by—who else?—Morgan Freeman, the film transported moviegoers to rainforests of Borneo in Kenya to meet primatologist Dr. Birute Galdikas as her team worked to rescue and rehabilitate abandoned creatures. The heartwarming tale proved inspirational and a critical success. Despite “amusingly vivid shots, including little orangutans being hand-bathed or tangling with a clothesline,” the Los Angeles Times reviewed, “the film never succumbs to cute for cute's sake. Its moments of 'aah'—as well as awe—feel wonderfully authentic.”

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