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Monkeys Take Hollywood

'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' hits theaters Friday, just one of many recent monkey sensations. See more!

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Bruno Mars' Monkey Music Video

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Romantic singer-songwriter Bruno Mars seemingly grew tired of all the wooing, as his 2011 summer anthem “The Lazy Song” describes. In the song, Mars poetically croons about coach-potato aspirations of kicking his feet up, watching TV, walking around naked, and getting laid. And for the track’s single-take music video, Mars is chillin’ in his living room with five dancers, all of whom are sporting Mars’ signature black shades, flannel button-down shirt, and monkey masks. The simians’ literal dance moves—including an instance of trou dropping—were a big hit. Mars recently earned a 2011 MTV Video Music Award nomination for Best Choreography. "I called up my friends the Poreotics [of America's Best Dance Crew] and we shot this and choreographed this in one day," Mars recalled to MTV. “We worked really hard on it, and we wanted to give people something to laugh at and show personality in the song and what we're talking about… 'The Lazy Song' is not necessarily the song you want to hear in the club, but we put our monkey dance to it.”

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