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Monkeys Take Hollywood

'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' hits theaters Friday, just one of many recent monkey sensations. See more!

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Monkey Caught On Camera

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Photographer David Slater knew that crested black macaques were an inquisitive breed of monkeys, but he couldn't have predicted their passion for self-portraiture. During a trip to an Indonesian jungle, he left his camera out on a tripod and returned to find that an intrepid monkey had gotten a hold of the device. The animal was initially startled by the camera's sounds and there was a lot of "grimacing with their teeth showing," but he calmed down and started a photo shoot, taking hundreds of pictures, Slater told The Telegraph. Soon there was teeth-baring of a different sort—the macaque pictured here appears to have mastered the art of cheesing it up for the camera. Are mirror shots with pouty lips for Facebook profile images next?


David J. Slater / Newscom

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