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11 Lip-Syncing Celebrities

James Franco’s corn-rowed crooning, Steve Urkel’s rendition of Cee Lo Green, and more celebrity lip-syncing.

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Jaleel White for Cee Lo’s “Cry Baby”

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The man who was notorious for his high-water pants, suspenders, eyeglass croakies, unrequited love for Laura Winslow, and for falling and not being able to get up has a new image, thanks to singing sensation Cee Lo. Jaleel White, best known as the bespectacled Steve Urkel on the hit ‘90s sitcom Family Matters, has reemerged in Cee Lo’s new music video, “Cry Baby,” as quite the heartbreaker. Clad in far more suave plaid and surrounded by ‘60s-inspired scenery, the now 34-year-old White does some choreographed dancing (which does not include “The Urkel”) and mouths Cee Lo’s lyrics about the end of a relationship, including the ironic lyric: “I guess that I’m the bad guy now.” Laura Winslow, eat your heart out.

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