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11 Lip-Syncing Celebrities

James Franco’s corn-rowed crooning, Steve Urkel’s rendition of Cee Lo Green, and more celebrity lip-syncing.

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Robert Downey Jr. for Elton John’s “I Want Love”

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In the summer of 2001, when no one else believed in Robert Downey Jr., who had been ordered into a drug treatment program, Elton John did. The Grammy-winning musician hired him to lip-sync the words to his song “I Want Love” for a music video directed by Sam Taylor-Wood. The one-shot video, following a despondent-looking Downey Jr. around an empty house, was completed in 16 takes, and they used the 16th because the actor was “completely relaxed by then,” John told MTV News. John added: “The way he underplays it is fantastic… I came up with the idea of Robert. I thought, ‘God, the lyrics are very close to home. I wonder if he’ll do it?’ He was very interested…I don’t necessarily think an artist has to be in a video…This one worked perfect.”

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