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11 Lip-Syncing Celebrities

James Franco’s corn-rowed crooning, Steve Urkel’s rendition of Cee Lo Green, and more celebrity lip-syncing.

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Winona Rider in The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion’s “Talk About the Blues”

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For The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion’s “Talk About the Blues” 1998 music video, Winona Ryder played Mr. Spencer himself, Giovanni Ribisi played guitarist Judah Bauer, and John C. Reilly portrayed drummer Russell Simins, while the musicians appeared in the short film playing actors in a crime thriller. The band said the clip was their way of flipping the switch on music videos being used to promote movie soundtracks in the late ‘90s. But forget Ryder, Ribisi, and Reilly. “I think that people are really going to be surprised when they see the acting on the part of the Blues Explosion,” Jon Spencer told MTV. “When people get a load of some of the heavy, dramatic, really very intense scenes that we pulled out from our souls, I think people are really going to be blown away.” Still, critics were wowed by the professionals. As MTV News said, “[They] positively kill it here, particularly Ryder, who screeches and wails and actually looks like Spencer himself.”

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