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Dumb and Dumber

In honor of ‘Our Idiot Brother,’ opening Friday, watch 11 dumbest movie brothers, from Fredo to Bart Simpson. By Marlow Stern.

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David Larrabee—‘Sabrina’

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Played first by the late great William Holden, and then Greg Kinnear in the regrettable 1995 remake, David Larrabee is the boneheaded younger brother of Linus, a workaholic who keeps the Larrabee family’s financial holdings intact. David, meanwhile, is a complete liability to the family. A skirt-chasing, oft-married playboy, he has escapades that cost the family thousands of dollars in hush money, and when he squares off against Linus for Sabrina’s (Audrey Hepburn) affection, Linus manages to trick his lame-brained brother into sitting down with champagne flutes in his back pocket, resulting in a bloody booty. Interestingly enough, Holden and Hepburn became a real-life couple during the making of Sabrina, but the actress reportedly broke off the relationship when she discovered that Holden no longer could have children.

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