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Dumb and Dumber

In honor of ‘Our Idiot Brother,’ opening Friday, watch 11 dumbest movie brothers, from Fredo to Bart Simpson. By Marlow Stern.

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Mike Donnelly—‘Black Sheep’

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Al Donnelly (Tim Matheson) is running for governor of Washington against the scheming Evelyn Tracy. He’s bright, accomplished, and just what the state needs—the only campaign hiccup is his moronic brother, Mike (Chris Farley). He crashes a truck advertising his brother’s gubernatorial campaign into a movie theater, gets framed while trying to stop underage kids from drinking, and, while trying to rally support for his brother, blurts out something crazy during a Rock the Vote event. He does, however, manage to bond with crazed Vietnam veteran Drake Sabitch (Gary Busey), thanks to his hand-to-hand combat skills.

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