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Downton Abbey Season 2: Cast and Creator On Spoilers and More

The cast and creator of ‘Downton Abbey’ offer clues to Season 2. WARNING: Contains spoilers!

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Lady Edith Crawley (Laura Carmichael)

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Last season, Edith wrote to the Turkish ambassador and let loose vicious (if true) gossip about her sister Mary (Michelle Dockery) throughout London—putting the entire family’s reputation and future at risk. Edith’s hopes of her own happiness were dashed by Mary’s interference, ruining her chances at a husband.

“The rivalry between the two sisters is still there in the second [season],” said Dockery. “It’s not there quite as much as the first series… Mary will never forgive Edith for writing to the Turkish ambassador [about the Pamuk affair], but in the second [season], they do soften towards each other. They look out for each other a little more because there are more important things going on than just being spiteful to each other… And deep, deep down there is a huge love for one another. But I don’t think they will ever be best friends.”

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