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Downton Abbey Season 2: Cast and Creator On Spoilers and More

The cast and creator of ‘Downton Abbey’ offer clues to Season 2. WARNING: Contains spoilers!

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Thomas Howes (Rob James-Collier)

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The “evil footman” of Downton Abbey was involved in quite a few nefarious plots in Season 1. He tried to frame Bates (Brendan Coyle) for theft, tried to seduce Kemal Pamuk (Theo James) and led him to Lady Mary’s bedroom that fateful night, and then, whispered rumors to servants in other houses.

“Thomas [thought] he was going to get a bit of a sweet deal by joining the medical corps because he thinks he’s found a way out of fighting, which, in a sense, he has,” said Stevens. “He's not actually fighting, but he's still very much at the front, stretcher-bearing with the medical corps, which was a pretty grim position. He runs into Matthew, coincidence of coincidences. They meet at the front and that's quite an interesting meeting. Where the class divide is, for Matthew at least, not really there anymore, Thomas still sees it just by being knee-deep in mud.”

So is sinful Thomas still, even amid the horrors of war, the consummate social climber?

“He's certainly got a bit of a chip on his shoulder,” Stevens said. “He doesn't like the working man being down, always getting the rough deal. We see him throughout the series again, very much a wheeler-dealer, trying to work out just how to get by and looking after No. 1.”

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