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Downton Abbey Season 2: Cast and Creator On Spoilers and More

The cast and creator of ‘Downton Abbey’ offer clues to Season 2. WARNING: Contains spoilers!

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Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham (Dame Maggie Smith)

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By the end of Season 1, there seemed to be a bit of thawing between Violet and Cora after the truth about Mary and Mr. Pamuk came out. But don’t expect things to be placid between the two women.

“They’re not close,” said McGovern. “They are bonded by this secret, and the secret has an invasive effect on every aspect of their life. The secret festers underneath much of the story in the second [season], and Cora has to shoulder this secret, and behave in ways that she wouldn’t ordinarily because of it. So it infuses much of her story. But her and Cora’s bond, it has got its limits.”

McGovern added: “There are battles being fought on the domestic front, as well as in the trenches, let me put it that way. And those will always go on and on. Nothing’s really changed at Downtown Abbey in that respect.”

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