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Starlets Dressed as Men

Lady Gaga stayed in drag throughout the MTV Video Music Awards. See more famous females cross-dressing.

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Lady Gaga

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Though she’s known for making statements in monstrously high heels and horny shoulders, fashion icon Lady Gaga went a different route when she opened the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday in a cuffed white T-shirt and sideburns. Gaga channeled her alter ego (and Vogue Hommes Japan cover guy) Jo Calderone to open the show and didn’t sway from her male persona—a combination of Grease’s Danny Zuko and The Outsiders’ Two-Bit Matthews—throughout her performance and the entire award ceremony. There were even reports that she used the men’s bathroom at the Los Angeles auditorium and, according to Us Weekly, wore a prosthetic penis. Still, many weren’t buying her shtick. “If Gaga’s going to be a guy, she should be the biggest bear on the stage, not some sleazy beta karate-kid knockoff,” Beta Fish head Jed Smith told Fox News.

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