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15 Unbreakable Sports Records

The Daily Beast looks 15 amazing, and unbeatable, athletic records.

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Baseball Player Cy Young

Cy Young (Bettmann / CORBIS)

Record: 511

Athlete: Cy Young

Teams: Cleveland Spiders/Naps; St. Louis Perfectos; Boston Americans/Red Sox/Rustlers

Years: 1890–1911

In one of the most untouchable sports records ever, Cy Young compiled 511 wins during an era devoid of pitch counts, prospect coddling, and musclebound mashers. Evolution of the game aside, no modern pitcher will even have the opportunity to pass his record. Young started 815 games, also the most in baseball history. Greg Maddux, who retired with 355 career wins and was one of few modern players within squinting distance of Young’s record, started 740 games.

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