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Hollywood’s Junkie Turned Preacher

After I met Sam Childers, a criminal turned savior for kids in Sudan, I had to make a movie. By Marc Forster

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Machine Gun Preacher

Sam picked up Jason, Louise Rosner (our line producer), and me from the airport and drove us to his house in Kampala, Uganda, where we immediately met a few of the children.

As I sat out on the terrace of Sam’s modest home, I noticed one of the kids Sam had rescued was playing by himself with a little beat-up soccer ball. Sam explained that when he found him several years earlier, half of his face was deeply wounded by a bullet, so Sam paid for the child to have reconstructive surgery.

The kid still had a scar on his face. Although I knew it to be impossible, I wished that all trace of the atrocious act could be cleansed from the child’s life. Sam shook his head and agreed but said at the same time the boy was glad it was there. He said the boy had actually asked him before the operation if afterward people would still be able to see that he had been shot. When Sam answered yes, the boy told him that it was a good thing as people need to remember what was done to him and his people.

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