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Inside ‘The Good Wife’ Season 3

The creators of "The Good Wife," Robert and Michelle King, discuss Season 3, Alicia, Kalinda, and more.

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Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies)

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The Good Wife

David M. Russell / CBS

The Good Wife’s creators, Robert and Michelle King, have described the show as a “point-of-view drama” in the past, so it’s no surprise that Season 3 continues the development of Julianna Margulies’s titular character, Alicia Florrick.

“We always thought of the show as kind of an education of Alicia,” said Robert King. “She’s someone who started with an ethical understanding of right and wrong, black and white, good and bad, and she had very defined categories of that that was probably pure but also a little naive.”

“Well, she was allowed that simplicity because her life didn’t require more nuanced judgments,” argued Michelle King.

“What comes with her maturing in a sense also is not all good,” said Robert King. “We’re seeing how far we can get away with what the job requires of her compromising some moral understanding. If Alicia, from before the show started, saw who she was now, I don’t think she’d recognize herself because she’s allowed to make all these moral compromises that are required by her job, and she’s surrounded by people who have accommodated that.”

“Michael J. Fox’s character [Louis Canning] is a prime example. He said, ‘I do bad things during the day, and I go home and play with my kids. You go home and just feel bad.’ I think there was some truth to that: Alicia isn’t sure how to get around that, and one of the ways to do it is to kill the part of yourself that thinks in terms of white and black.”

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