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Most Controversial Music Video Shoots

See photos of Rihanna, Britney Spears, U2, and other musicians who have run into controversy filming videos.

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D12—Fight Music

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Eminem’s Detroit hip-hop group, D12, got an unlucky break in 2001, when the policemen who came to shut down their outdoor video shoot apparently had a distaste for Eminem. The group was shooting a gang confrontation scene in The Bronx when officers ousted the crew from their set for not having the proper permit, citing Eminem’s involvement as a reason. The video’s director, Marc Klasfeld, said, “They made a bullsh** excuse that they didn’t know that Eminem was in D12, when they were clearly informed all along that he was … He shut it down and revoked our permit for really no reason other than disliking rap music and some experiences he had with other productions.” The permit was reinstated by the mayor’s office a few days later, however, and the shoot resumed.

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