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Dance Videos for the High Holidays

In honor of Rosh Hashanah, watch viral videos parodying hits by Kanye West, Shakira, LMFAO, and more.

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“Soul Bigger” by Jewish Treats

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Earlier this year Kanye West and Jay Z sang about “black bar mitzvahs” on Watch the Throne. So it’s fitting that the National Jewish Outreach Program should look to West for a little high-holiday inspiration. In this 2010 parody of his “Gold Digger,” the Jewish Treats sing of repentance, prayer, and charity, the three tenets of the Days of Awe: “For 10 days I’ll be a do-gooder (So happy new year) / And say I’m sorry to some folk folk (I’m sorry) / Repent boy go ‘head Repent (I’m sorry).” And you know what they say—shofar, so good!

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