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How many ways can a politician say “no”—while still leaving the door open to a presidential run?

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The Beggar: Rudy Giuliani

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Sept 11 Giuliani

Evan Vucci / AP Photo

Sometimes, supporters beg reluctant candidates to run. Other times, the candidates’ denials sound like desperate pleas for supporters. Take Rudy Giuliani, the former New York mayor who was the 2008 GOP frontrunner until his campaign collapsed. He hasn’t declared himself out of the running in 2012 yet—indeed, he’s gone out of the way not to. “If I think we are truly desperate, then I may run—which is how I got elected mayor of New York City...You know what my slogan was? ‘You can’t do any worse,’” he said in early September. He may not have a prayer, but at least he’s got a sense of humor.

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