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The 10 'Manliest' Products

The new diet soda Dr. Pepper Ten claims it’s “not for women.” See more products targeted for testosterone.

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Levi’s Ex-Girlfriend Jeans

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Plenty of women dream of wearing slouchy “boyfriend” jeans, but how many guys are looking for that “spray-on” fit preferred by the lady in their lives? Apparently enough that in 2011, Levi’s introduced “Ex-Girlfriend Jeans.” But Stephen Colbert was having none of it and gave the product the dreaded wag of the finger. “The skinnification of the American jeanscape has gone too far! First it was tapered cut, then shrink-to-fit, then slim fit boot cut, then slouchy slim, then skinny fit. Enough. We get it—you’re in a band!” Colbert scolded. “Yes, you’re honoring [your ex-girlfriend], by looking like you broke into her apartment and stole her pants. Which I’m sure doesn’t violate the restraining order.”

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