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The 10 'Manliest' Products

The new diet soda Dr. Pepper Ten claims it’s “not for women.” See more products targeted for testosterone.

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Pert Plus

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Introduced in 1987 as the first two-in-one shampoo and conditioner product on the market, Pert Plus targeted men who didn’t care about silky smooth hair ingredients but would use it if it was already built in. Three years later, Pert Plus was the bestselling shampoo in the country. In 2009, the brand was repositioned as Pert Plus for Men, but when Helen of Troy bought the company a year later, it abandoned the campaign. “Pert Plus for Men was cannibalizing the brand, because Pert Plus already was a men’s brand,” Helen of Troy executive Rick Cutler told The New York Times. This summer, Pert Plus reinvented itself with a simple slogan that goes back to its manly hair roots—“Don’t be an animal.”

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