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Stars Occupy Wall Street

Lupe Fiasco, Roseanne Barr, Kanye West, and more stars who’ve shown their support for Occupy Wall Street.

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Michael Moore

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Just as famous for his loud political opinions as he is for his multimillion-dollar-grossing documentaries, Michael Moore was beaming during his September visit with the occupiers in Zuccotti Park. He addressed the protesters (who relayed his words to the rest of the crowd through their human PA system), letting them know how impressed he was by what he saw. The filmmaker also tossed in his own “two cents” on what he thought the occupiers should demand: “I want to see a perp walk!” he exclaimed. “I want to see the people responsible for destroying the lives of millions of people in handcuffs and led away and brought to justice immediately!” Moore also stopped to chat with fellow protester Russell Simmons while at the park and later told The Wrap: “I was instantly thrilled that there was such a response. Not to [Capitalism: A Love Story], but to the greed and corruption of the captains of industry who have overplayed their hands in the last few years.”

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