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Stars Occupy Wall Street

Lupe Fiasco, Roseanne Barr, Kanye West, and more stars who’ve shown their support for Occupy Wall Street.

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Roger Ebert

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Roger Ebert

Charles Rex Arbogast, File / AP Photo

On his blog Roger Ebert’s Journal, hosted by the Chicago Sun-Times’ website, Pulitzer Prize–winning film critic Roger Ebert agreed with the similarities that Jon Stewart drew between the Tea Party and the Occupiers. “The Tea Party and the Wall Street demonstrators share the same conviction: They are the victims of theft by powerful institutions,” Ebert wrote. “The Tea Party blames government taxation. The demonstrators blame corruption in the financial industry.” He went on to defend the Wall Street occupation from conservatives claiming that the movement is “socialist,” saying, “Actually, it is capitalist, but believes in the regulation of capitalist institutions. What we live under now is a system of Corporate Socialism, a welfare state for the rich.”

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