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Occupy Wall Street's Breakout Stars

These are the new celebrities of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

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Michael Bloomberg

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Mayor of New York City
aka, the Politician

Occupy Wall Street and the mayor’s office haven’t exactly had a rosy relationship, but it hasn’t been all barbs and bullets either. Mayor Bloomberg initially announced Zuccotti Park—ground zero for the protesters—would be closed for cleaning, before reneging and allowing the park to stay open. Still, protesters were arrested near the park on Saturday, and also near Times Square. There was also the unprovoked pepper spraying by police that led to media coverage in late September, the hundreds arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge on October 1, and, the mayor’s own words on October 7: “What they're trying to do is take the jobs away from people working in this city.”

Michael Bloomberg

Karly Domb Sadof / AP Photo

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