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Celebrity Couples’ Steamy Music Videos

Watch Britney Spears’s new music video—featuring sexy shower scenes with her boyfriend—and more couples!

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Britney Spears and Jason Trawick in “Criminal”

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Britney Spears’s “Criminal” video caused controversy long before it was even released. But now that it’s hit the web, the tittering is only getting louder. In the five-minute video, Spears’s real-life boyfriend Jason Trawick, her former agent, plays her knight in shining armor, who steals her away from her abusive British boyfriend and becomes her partner in crime. When the two aren't robbing convenience stores, Spears and Trawick are either rolling around in the sheets in next to nothing or completely naked in the shower. Even Spears tweeted of the video, “It’s so hot.” Considering the fact that she gave Trawick a lapdance on stage not too long ago, they’re clearly into PDA.

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