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Best Improvised Movie Scenes

In honor of the improvised "Like Crazy," see top movie improv scenes, from "Taxi Driver" to "Casablanca."

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“I’m Walkin’ Here!”

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In addition to being the only X-rated film ever to win the Academy Award for best picture, John Schlesinger’s 1969 drama Midnight Cowboy, featuring newcomer Jon Voight as a fresh-faced Texan named Joe Buck who travels to New York City and becomes a gigolo, also features one of the most memorable improvised scenes in movie history. Buck befriends a smarmy crippled con man named “Ratso” Rizzo (Dustin Hoffman), and the two eventually strike up an unlikely friendship. In a classic scene, as the two are strutting down a city sidewalk, a cab nearly hits them. Rizzo screams, “I’m walkin’ here!” and slams his hand on the hood of the taxi. In an episode of Bravo’s Inside the Actors Studio, Hoffman said a cab came out of nowhere and nearly hit the pair in the crosswalk, triggering the classic line. He said he wanted to say, “We’re filming a movie here!” but, pro that he is, decided not to ruin the take.

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