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Best Improvised Movie Scenes

In honor of the improvised "Like Crazy," see top movie improv scenes, from "Taxi Driver" to "Casablanca."

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“I’ll Have What She’s Having”

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Rob Reiner’s 1989 rom-com classic When Harry Met Sally features a deliciously witty screenplay by Nora Ephron, but the film’s most famous line was actually suggested by star Billy Crystal. In the famous “deli scene” filmed in Katz’s Delicatessen in Manhattan, Harry (Crystal) and Sally (Meg Ryan) are debating whether women can fake orgasms. Suddenly, Sally delivers the Mt. Rushmore of fake orgasms, to which an old lady at the deli replies, “I’ll have what she’s having.” It was Ryan who suggested the fake orgasm scene to Ephron, and Crystal who came up with the punchline—delivered in a cameo by Estelle Reiner, the mother of the film’s director. To this day, Katz’s Deli hangs a sign above Sally’s seat saying, “Where Harry met Sally ... hope you have what she had!”

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