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12 Spookiest Halloween TV Episodes

With Oct 31 upon us, watch video of your favorite small-screen characters celebrating the haunted day.

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Friends: ‘The One With the Halloween Party’

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Despite airing the day after Halloween, Friends’ 2001 episode “The One With the Halloween Party” was the series best of the genre. When Monica and Chandler decide to throw a costume-mandatory Halloween party, their other four friends aren’t too pleased. The hosts decide to dress as Catwoman and a giant pink bunny, respectively; Joey makes the rebellious decision to go as Chandler, and mocks Ross’s costume—a potato with antennae—as “space doody” instead of its intended “Spud-nik,” his play on the name of the Russian satellite. “Wow! I don’t have the worst costume anymore,” Chandler exclaims.

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